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Notaries authenticate documents by certifying to the fact that the document has been signed and that the person signing the document is in fact the person identified in the document as being its signatory. This gives the recipients of the document certainty as to the documents authenticity.


Notarial documents are mainly used for international transactions or dealings. The notarisation enables foreign governments, companies or persons to recognise the documents as being legal and effective. An international treaty called the Hague Convention to which over 130 nations are now signatories establishes this system. In many cases the document will also need an “Apostille” which is a stamp applied to the documents, to which the notaries certificate is affixed, by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. That stamp sets out the document is properly notarised by a notary recognised by the Australian Government.


A scale approved by the Legal Practice Board establishes the fees charged by notaries in Western Australia. Those fees may be found on the Internet. I normally charge less than that scale.


The office of Notary (or sometimes Public Notary) is the oldest legal office. Its history goes back to the Roman Empire. After the fall of that Empire the concept of notarisation of documents to render them legally reliable was kept alive in Bologna. The profession of Notary became established throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and almost all documents in Europe must be notarised to be binding. In England Notaries were restricted to their international function and only occasionally for domestic documents.

About John Picton-Warlow

Notary since 1965

I was admitted to practice Law in Western Australia in December 1961.
and was appointed as a Notary in September 1965. I am a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

Since admission as a lawyer I have practiced in England and Hong Kong as well as in Western Australia.

I have had extensive experience with various international legal systems.

Over the years I have been involved in legal work in the United States of America England

and Asia, mainly working on Intellectual Property and International Trade.

Security - Piece of mind

Heading Elements Showcase

Since 2005 I have worked exclusively as a Notary.
I maintain a register of copies of all documents notarised giving added security for the persons signing.
That register forms important primary evidence of what documents were signed and when those documents were executed.

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In cases where it is difficult or inconvenient for people to come to my address I will visit outside premises. This will usually involve some extra cost. Normally such visits occur when the person needing to sign is invalided or where companies have a number of officers requiring to sign the documents.


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